Cathedral Friends

The aim and purpose of the Society is to raise awareness of the Cathedral as the mother church of the diocese, and in turn, of all it represents. It is also to share the responsibility of important and ongoing maintenance of the building, and its enhancement with the Cathedral Dean, thus preserving it for future generations.

Members are asked to help ensure that information provided on the Cathedral's liturgical and other celebrations is made available in their parishes, along with information about the Society and to encourage new members.

Members are requested to give at least £20, £30 for a couple, a year to the Cathedral, through the Society. They are also invited to attend the Annual Society Mass and reception and the Annual Gathering.

For more information please contact

Friends’ AGM December 2019 (pdf)

Join The Friends

Becoming a member of The Friends of St John’s Cathedral is a most important and effective way of supporting the work of the Cathedral and its historic building. The Friends of the Cathedral leaflet can be downloaded here.