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St John’s Cathedral Parish Accounts

Report for the year 1 September 2012- 31 August 2014

Below are the key pages from the report submitted to the Diocese in October 2013.  The results of their formal audit are awaited. In addition to the Parish Account, three other accounts are handled on a day-to-day basis: (a) The MIllennium Appeal Fund, which effectively acts as the Cathedral Parish Savings Account and which, at the year end, had a balance of £51,128; (b) Society of the Friends of the Cathedral; and (c) The Portsmouth Deanery, the account handling Pastoral Area financial activity.

The detailed accounts are complex.  It will be seen at page 5 that the loss for the year was £35,117; we are seeking during the current year to bring the adverse balance of £21,228 closer to break-even.  Yearly figures do tend to be uneven, due in the main to the fluctuating patterns of legacies and donations, and necessary work on the fabric of the Cathedral.

Queries about Cathedral finances should be addressed to the Chair of the Parish Finance Committee, courtesy of the parish office.

Download full report (pdf)